Company Profile

Einnity Technology Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in 2016 as an emerging integrated business solutions and information technology development company. Our team is made up of professionals from a variety of backgrounds, culminating a wealth of work experiences behind them. We put our clients’ needs ahead of ours and seek to create new opportunities for profitable growth for our clients.

We are involved in various facet of intricate business solutions which includes HR, IT solutions, blockchain technology development, investor relations, marketing and finance.

Einnity Technology is predominantly an IT solutions provider to clients. An opportunity to expand beyond Southeast-Asia and Europe arose through various strategic partnerships, hence the formation of the company here in Kuala Lumpur.

Einnity Technology

We have acquired various business assets around the world to enable us to serve an international client base; allowing us to be a holistic, one stop solution for businesses ready to take the next step forward.

Our diverse and highly skilled workforce consists of approximately 200 employees. Our global reach spans five continents and 10 countries. We have our presence in Australia, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Cyprus and Taiwan; and coming soon in Indonesia, Japan and South Korea.

We ensure that our highly trained workforce hone skills and develop knowledge that keep us ahead in what we do, thus ensuring the highest level of service and customer satisfaction possible.

Einnity Technology

As a growing company, we believe in contributing to the transformation and growth of the community we live and work in. We actively support charity organizations across the region to help provide growth and opportunities to those in need.

At Einnity Technology, we emphasize on recognizing our client’s business as our own, and fully appreciate talents that work with us. That’s why we assure that our team of professionals will persistently strive to provide the best solution possible, for every situation, professionally and with intent. Each client is treated with strict confidence, diligence and professionalism.

Why Einnity Technology?

Evolving with the changing needs of your business, Einnity Technology produce unique business-oriented web and applications, being focused on increasing efficiency and delivering assured results.

The Advantage

Covering an expanse of web, digital and technology related services; Einnity Technology is your one stop solution for all business possibilities online.

Unmatched Quality, Delivered

Experts in developing visually impressive web and application solutions that have just as solid foundations and flexibility, Einnity Technology guarantees quality like none other.

Complete Transparency

At Einnity Technology, all projects are spearheaded by a dedicated team that takes care of 100% transparent communication with the client at each stage.

We are looking for talents

We want talented, driven individuals to join a global team that’s going to change the way things are done.

Open Positions